Next best thing to love

Might just be the next best thing to love…

David Wilcox’s song “Eye of the Hurricane” is one of my favorite songs. A true classic that has been dusted off, placed back into the Tape Deck, the CD Player, and set on repeat on the IPOD many times in my life. It’s like warm hot chocolate for my soul that takes me up and out of myself and out of my pain long enough to breathe again.

There are moments in life that seem small, but are truly monumental. We all battle in these moments, aware or unaware. Deep within us, there is a battle waging.

Which is normally when I pick up my pencils, and draw until I reach the same conclusion, that no one makes a single choice without affecting many others.

“It’s shaped so there’s this place inside, where if you’re moving you can hide….safe with in the rain.”

Butterfly Effect